Where It All Began…

Kristen discovered a love of ceramics in high school. She poured creativity into her work, straying from typical assignments. What started as a required credit quickly became the best part of every school day. 

Moving to Portland for college, Kristen was met with further inspiration. She was exposed to the Portland community of artisans and was inspired by their unique work and their hustle. 

As the pandemic took hold through 2020, Kristen seized the opportunity to ‘stay home’ and craft. Finding her flagship product, the Sweet Roll, gave her the necessary confidence to go all-in. 

So what’s this ‘Sweet Roll’? 

Each Sweet Roll is handcrafted to spice up or sweeten any space. The Sweet Roll is a modern take on the classic donut shape. Decorate with dried flowers or air plants. Have other ideas, share your designs with us @badgerowceramics.pdx.